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3 min readNov 11, 2020


Quantum Computer.

Today’s computer, smartphones, tablets and basically every device on earth runs on one main mechanism. They all use binary codification to compute Bits where 1 and 0 is signifying “On” and “Off”. These Bits are what makes your phone shows the picture of your dog, the sound in your Bluetooth speaker, the system that runs the nuclear powerplant and basically everything that runs on computer nowadays.

Bits are what computers are using to operate by identifying commands of 1 and 0s. For example, your computer when you turn it on, it begin calculating for :

10000000 = start program

Then when you turn it of, it will go to

00000001 = exit program

Another operation can be signified in other bits of numbers like 00001001 or 01010100. These how classical computers works in a nutshell.

But bits alone are too small to actually to be used on it’s own therefore, we are grouping it to 8-bits unit or byte, and then multiply to 16-bits to 24-bits and beyond to make computation even faster with our current computer system.

But Why it Has to be 1 and 0?

The current understanding of physics that we have that we use to build our computers are based on electrical state of ON and OFF. Basically 1 and 0 in are representing those states of being. The computer are manipulating those states to develop the screen on your phone, the charge that runs on your computer when you turn it on, and many more.

But apparently, according to the not-so-science-fiction anymore theory of Quantum Physics that scientist all over the world has beginning to understand and monitors is that a state of being doesn’t have to be 1 and 0 in it’s own state, but 1 and 0 can be in the same state of being at the same time!

Enter Quantum Computer

The phenomenon of how an atom can be in 2 state of being at the same time is explained using theory of Quantum Mechanics. This phenomenon is real and has been observed multiple time and now has started to be used as a building block of the creation of Quantum Computer.

Although for now, there are not yet any commercial Quantum Computer that can be utilized for actual usage, but major corporations like Google and IBM and the world’s superpowers, America and China are in silent arms race between one another to create the first usable Quantum Computer and achieve Quantum Superiority.

Why are they in a rush to create the machine?

Its because Quantum Computer will unlock unimaginable power with it’s quantum mechanic whereby Bits are become Qubits which is based on the spin of electron or polarization of a single photon and no longer a calculation of 1 and 0. 1 and 0 will be in superposition state of both 0 and 1 to represent information.

To put it mildly, this newfound state of being can calculate or computer million times faster than our current computation power. Imagine that, even right now IBM Watson AI which is based on normal computer can beat human on Jeopardy, imagine Watson with a brain powered with quantum computer.

Now with that amount of power, another sets of concern occurred, and it comes from the world of blockchain.

How do we secure blockchain from Quantum Computer?
With million times computing power, conventional blockchain can be brute forced and manipulated in it’s current state.

This question will be the focus of our next volume of Basic by DECENT.

To learn more about blockchain and it’s correlation with quantum computer, you can wait for our updates in the following channels as we are going to discuss more about it on the upcoming weeks!

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