SecuX Stream : The First Point of Sales System Running on DCore

3 min readDec 10, 2020

Cryptocurrency is the money of the people. But what good is money if you can’t spend it to buy things that you like?

Ease of access and difficulties in configuration for both merchants and buyers has been the problem that hampered the adoption of using cryptocurrency for day to day purchase.

SecuX, a Taiwan based Blockchain Security Company is set to solve that problem and push crypto adoption to the masses with their Point of Sales (PoS) called The Stream. This PoS system is poised to introduce everyone to cryptocurrency so that they are not only hodling their crypto but can also buy their burgers or chicken noodles with crypto.

The Stream has two model, Stream Pro and Stream Mini as seen below :

Both Stream devices enable any kinds of merchant, big or small, corporation or street food stall to accept custom payments of cryptocurrency, which is assisted by the SecuX Wallets available as a Hardwallet, Web, Android and IOS App.

Made for Any Merchant Anywhere

SecuX Stream has been used in various events and businesses and is on it’s path to mass adoption in Asia and beyond. One of the biggest use cases, proving the SecuX Stream platform viability is in the current application within a Night Market. Available for merchants with little to no training, they can immediately use Stream to receive and make transactions .

Powered by DCore

The Stream PoS system is running on DCore and by now has served hundreds of Streams processing transactions large and small, providing convenience to people who want to purchase goods with cryptocurrency. The developer has chosen our proprietary blockchain DCore due to various technical advantages that DCore has to offer, namely :

1. Scalable and Customizable

Unlimited possible blockchain features can be integrated on DCore, transaction fees and block generation intervals are customizable. With native integration of file sharing system IPFS and CDN, DCore enables large file storage and distribution

2. Fast, Secure and Stable

Currently achieving speeds of 2,000+ transactions per second, DCore has continued to deliver stable and bug-free performance since June 30, 2017. Due to the decentralized principle of our DPoS consensus model, DCore does not have a single point of failure, making it extremely secure from malicious acts.

3. Easy to Build On

API documentation, SDK, guides and descriptions make it even easier for developers and companies to realize their blockchain ideas into real-world applications.

Just like SecuX, businesses and enterprises can also setup their own Private Whitelabel DCore Blockchains for various purposes, not only only for payments but also supply chain, track and trace, verification and much more!

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