The DeFi Future of DECENT

3 min readOct 9, 2021


After becoming a pioneer in the blockchain industry and striving towards mass adoption of blockchain technologies with DCore, DECENT Group, more than others, has understood that there are two fronts in the market that need to be catered to. Businesses/organizations adoption and retail adoption, which recently accelerated in growth thanks to the development of DeFi. Therefore, to embrace this DECENTralized future, DECENT has set out to recalibrate towards these two front :

  1. Enabling DCTDAO channels and social media for center of community and focus for retail adoption and the DeFi future for DECENT
  2. Refocusing DECENT channels and social media for creating DECENT Enterprise that cater for business and organizations looking to utilize blockchain with DCore

We understand that there are many questions that need to be addressed, and for that, let’s elaborate the new elements on DECENT Group one by one :

What is DCTDAO?

DCTDAO is a DEX and DeFi ecosystem built by DECENT developed on top of Avalanche, Polygon, Moonbeam and other blockchain to be the most interconnected DEX and DeFi ecosystem in the world, set out to be secured with Quantum Proof security measure and gas-less trading environment Powered by $DCTD Token

Among the various blockchains integrated on DCTDAO, DECENT is working on DCore Bridge to interconnect DCT by Wrapping DCT connecting it to Avalanche and/or Polygon ecosystem and beyond.

What is DCore Bridge?

DCore Bridge is a DApp created by DECENT to bridge DCore based tokens (UIA) to Avalanche and/or Polygon so that user can utilize tokens such as DCT on said blockchains by wrapping the asset.

What is Wrapped DCT (WDCT)?

Wrapped DCT is DCT that has been wrapped on smart contract to connect and become usable on other blockchain, which on the DCore bridge, the blockchains are Avalanche and/or Polygon. DCT holders will soon be able to self-wrap and trade or add liquidity on Avalanche and/or Polygon based DEX which DCTDEX are also built upon.

What is DCTDEX?

DCTDEX is an interconnected, quantum proof and gas-less DEX that DECENT has created. Currently based on Avalanche and soon will be based on Polygon as well and connected to DCore. After the creation of DCore Bridge, DECENT will create and provide liquidity to WDCT/DCTD Pool and enable DCT holders to trade WDCT on DCTDEX.

Moreover, WDCT holder can add liquidity on existing WDCT/DCTD to receive 0.3% of swapping fee everytime swap occured on the pair and also WDCT holder can even create new pair on DCTDEX i.e WDCT/USDT or WDCT/ETH since DCTDEX is a permissionless DEX that can be utilized by anyone without DECENT taking custody of user’s asset

Near future plan for WDCT and DCTD

To add further utilities for both WDCT and DCTD, DECENT is planning as well to build an in-house staking system for both tokens which will reward users for holding WDCT or DCTD with various rewards. An NFT Platform and Marketplace for DCTDAO Ecosystem is also currently in exploration mode, with DCTD and WDCT as the currency of choice once the platform is established.

What’s Next for DECENT

DCore Bridge development is already ongoing and is set to complete by December 2021.

Meanwhile, process towards separation between DECENT Enterprise and DCTDAO will begin as soon as 8th October 2021, and with it DECENT will disband DECENT Official telegram group and announcement channel, and migrate the community to DCTDAO to consolidate all DCore, DCT, DCTD and general crypto discussion to the group and finalize the process by 22nd October 2021.

Therefore, for if you are supporter and holder of DCT, please join the following group to receive update on DECENT’s DeFi future, DCT, DCTD and DCTDAO as we will progressively delete all members on

DECENT will continue to maintain DECENT’s twitter, facebook and linkedin for announcement and discussion regarding DECENT Enterprise.

In upcoming weeks DECENT will conduct various marketing campaigns via DCTDAO to amplify this major news and the creation of DCore Bridge so make sure you join all of DCTDAO channels and get your information from below.




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