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On February 2nd, 2021 DECENT’s CEO Matej Michalko was given the honor to talk and answer various questions around Blockchain applications on MoneyNext Event: Blockchain Summit Bytesize. This prestigious event was held completely online due to the ongoing pandemic and attended by 20 industry experts, all sharing their thoughts and also answering comprehensive questions on the future Blockchain and DLT services.

Beginners, traders and cryptocurrency first timers may have early exposure to crypto from buying their first Bitcoin from major names like Binance, Bitfinex or local crypto exchanges with local currencies. These major names that you may be familiar with are dubbed ‘Centralized Exchanges’ or CEX for short, whereby these exchanges are operated by an entity that offer various services and become the medium of any activity that occurred on their platform. All activities usually require fees.

Indeed these CEX offers the easiest and most convenient access to begin trading, yet after a while, when one digs deeper, they may start…

Cryptocurrency is the money of the people. But what good is money if you can’t spend it to buy things that you like?

Ease of access and difficulties in configuration for both merchants and buyers has been the problem that hampered the adoption of using cryptocurrency for day to day purchase.

Quantum Computer.

Today’s computer, smartphones, tablets and basically every device on earth runs on one main mechanism. They all use binary codification to compute Bits where 1 and 0 is signifying “On” and “Off”. These Bits are what makes your phone shows the picture of your dog, the sound in your Bluetooth speaker, the system that runs the nuclear powerplant and basically everything that runs on computer nowadays.

Bits are what computers are using to operate by identifying commands of 1 and 0s. For example, your computer when you turn it on, it begin calculating for :

10000000 = start program


According to the statistics provided by WHO,an estimated 600 million — almost 1 in 10 people in the world — fall ill after eating contaminated food and 420 000 die every years. (DALYs).

Nowadays we live in global village , we buy and transport goods from one side of the World to the other side of the World, BUT most time we are buying from companies and people who we don’t even know. As a result, Traceability have become recognized as an essential tool for guaranteeing food safety and food quality. However, there are some challenges of Traceability.


Blockchain can…

There are already thousands of cryptocurrencies around the world. Stablecoin? Isn’t it another type of cryptocurrency? If your mind with these kinds of thoughts, you should really read this article. Trust me. Stablecoin is Different. Let me Tell you why.

The value of the vast majority of cryptocurrencies often fluctuates sharply, and is regarded as an investment product with both high risks and high returns. The majority of cryptocurrencies involves three disadvantages: unnecessary currency risk, difficulty in transaction and hinder long term dapps(decentralized application) that require price stability. This is the time that stablecoins could jump in to help.

Solving unnecessary currency risk


As our summer vacations are nearing their end, all of you “heat lovers” out there must surely be left heartbroken. Nothing to lose your sleep over, though-we’ve got some spare sunshine left up our sleeves.

We’re happy to announce a brand-new crypto management and safety service for exchanges, DECENT Crypto Services-or DCS, for short. This new brainchild of ours will ensure that:

  • All of your coins and tokens are listed hassle-free and cheap
  • Buy/sell ratio of your coin is boosted without any loss in value
  • Your digital wallets and assets are safeguarded by top-level blockchain security

But, that’s not all…

The word “scam” gets tossed around a lot in the crypto space. One can argue that it’s significantly due to the fact that ICO scams have become an infamous stain on the industry.

In this episode of DECENT 101, we dive into the malicious practices of many blockchain companies, what investors and legitimate cryptocurrency-offering companies are doing to fight back, and how all that can impact you. Hopefully, you’ll find this timely, as new projects start fundraising again.

First, Some Buzzwords

For those who don’t know, ICO stands for “Initial Coin Offering.” This is a blockchain company’s way of offering a means for…

As you may have already heard, last week DECENT co-hosted one of the largest fintech conferences in China, welcoming more than 60 of the industry’s biggest players and some of the most respected leaders.

The 5th Asia Future Fintech Innovation Conference was set off by DECENT’s Board Manager, Xiaomin Wang. The thrilling two-day conference featured names such as Jingti Han, Dean at the Institute of Financial Science and Technology, SUFE; Dr. Vlado Kysucky, CEO at BAEX; Del Elson, Country Manager at ALAX Vietnam; Qinzhong Qi of the International Digital Economics and Culture Association, and many more.

Blockchain-the buzzword that many have heard of but only a few actually understand it. Today, we will tackle the ins and outs of blockchain in another edition of the DECENT 101 educational series. We will even go a step further and explore why it is important, as we dissect the simple, but loaded, question: “What exactly is blockchain, and why should I care?”

Going Over the Blockchain Basics

To understand the basics, let’s use the following definition and then dive deeper to explain it in more detail:

Blockchain is a tamper-proof list of transaction data that is copied and spread among a network of many…


Providing a fast, powerful and customizable blockchain to help you easily build decentralized applications, Block by Block.

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